Dr. Rosa Rai Djalal, as the founder of Rays International Dental Clinic, is working with Dr Ade Amahorseya, Dr Baby Yuniarti, and Dr Sandi Rosa as the Team Rays. This team is promoting Rays as a comprehensive dental care that focuses on HEALTH, COMFORT and BEAUTY.

HEALTH. Promoting overall dental health is our priority. Prior to conducting in-depth measures, we have to be convinced that overall dental health has been achieved.

COMFORT. Aim to put patient comfort foremost, both within oral digestion processes and verbal communication, is our service. Establishing sense of comfort right from the time the patient walks into the clinic, up to the minute he leaves the clinic.

BEAUTY. Aesthetic dentistry is our main focus; where we turn smile and your face to a harmonious proportional balance that promotes beauty and self confidence.


Rays has a VISION to be a well reputed dental clinic in Jakarta that emphasize on health, satisfaction and patient comfort; to become the alternative of choice to those who otherwise would opt for international dental attention; to focus on delivering values by enhancing quality services of dental health that promotes overall mouth, gum and dental wellbeing as well as foster the awareness of the importance of dental health;

At Rays, we provide all our patients the best dental health service and the most beautiful smile we can. Our dentist team that has amazing education combined with dental experience will satisfy you with the excellent treatment and service. 



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