About Rays International Dental Clinic

Dr. Rosa Rai Djalal, as the founder of Rays International Dental Clinic, is working with Dr Ade Amahorseya, Dr Baby Yuniarti, and Dr Sandi Rosa as the Team of Rays. They are a a few experts in the field of dentistry & the dentist in Jakarta. This team of Rays is promoting Rays as a comprehensive dental care that focuses on HEALTH, COMFORT and BEAUTY. 


At Rays, we provide all our patients the best dental health service and the most beautiful smile we can. Our dentist team that has amazing education combined with dental experience will satisfy you with the excellent treatment and service.


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Rays International Dental  Clinic

 Address:  Jl. Brawijaya VIII/2, Jakarta 12160 - Indonesia

Phone +6221 -7262347 Fax : +6221 -7225844

Email: cs@raysdental.com 


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