Intra Oral Camera

While X-Ray provide valuable information that we can't get from any other source, they can't show you everything that's going on in your mouth. That's why we need to use an intra oral camera - a highly advanced piece of diagnostic equipment that allows you to see what the dentist see inside your mouth.

The intra oral camera handpick is approximately the size and shape of a dental mire. It has a built-in light source, and serves as a tiny video camera that allows the dentist to zoom in on one tooth with 25 times magnification, or give you a 'video tour' of your entire mouth. The images are displayed on the TV or computer monitor, you will be able to see the problems such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings and excessive wear. We can also print an image for you to take home with you.

The intra oral camera allows you to be an active partner in your dental treatment by enabling you to see what we see inside your mouth. With a clear understanding of your dental conditions, you will be able to make treatment decision with confidence.


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