Complete Dental Check-Up

Most dentists start a standard dental checkup by cleaning the teeth. This commencing task may be performed by either a dental hygienist or the dentist herself. Scaling the teeth is the initial step in a professional cleaning. This step involves the removal of the incrustation on the teeth (plaque hardened by mineral salt depositions), called tartar or calculus. Following an exhaustive scaling, the teeth will be burnished with a paste or a powder; then the checkup begins.

The dentist will most likely begin by inspecting closely the mouth as well as the neck; he will feel the lymph nodes around the jaw. After this, the dentist will look searchingly into the inside the mouth and make sure that the soft tissues there are free of any sores or growths. The tongue will also be examined to make certain it is normal. To determine if your bite is working properly, the dentist may ask you to open and close the mouth repeatedly a few times.

The dental checkup will proceed with the dentist inspecting the teeth for any signs of clenching or grinding. He will next check the gums to make sure they are in perfect health (no inflammation nor sore, and neither bleeding nor receding). Any dentures, fillings, bridges, or crowns you may have will be checked to make sure they fit correctly. The dentist may probe for decay at this exact moment; or he may do more scaling. As the dentist may deem necessary, he will give you a fluoride treatment. He may likewise counsel you on proper oral hygiene and nutrition.

The frequency of visits to the family dentist for dental checkup depends on the health and oral hygiene habits of each family member. Routine check ups to your dentist at least every 6 months.