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Welcome to Rays International Dental Clinic

Health . Comfort . Beauty

Rays International Dental Clinic is a modern purpose built dental clinic in heart of Jakarta that emphasizes on health, satisfaction and patient comfort. Rays has become the alternative dental clinic choice to those who would otherwise option for international dental attention. Rays also delivers state of the art dental care with latest medical know—how and technology supported by renowned team of doctors with our priority in sterilization precautionary measures and control of infection.

Our team of doctors are geared towards learning latest development within medical findings through extended educational forums both national and international. To accomplish this, we have forged partnerships with universities and private dental clinic at an international level. Each patient will have dedicated and comprehensive care. Each case will enjoy a consultation that offers various alternatives. At all times, we involve the patient in the careful planning processes to ensure that patient receives the best state of—the—art attention and dental care.

Rays Dental Clinic specializes in high quality dental treatments, such as: Orthodontics, Oral surgery, Dental Implant, Cosmetic Filling, Orthodontics, Periodontics, TMJ Dysfunction and many more. Rays International Dental Clinic has been recognised as one of the leading practiced clinics in Jakarta — Indonesia and Rays Dental Clinic established by a few experts in the held of dentistry & the dentist in Jakarta.

We would very much like to see you in Rays and we look forward to having you and and your company as a valued customer.


Dr. Rosa Rai Djalal ( President Director)

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